News Flash: No One Cares About You or Your Accomplishments

Wow, it’s been years since I have updated this blog. I began it years ago and then just forgot it existed. It has been so long that I have begun to assimilate new lessons into myself and my photography. What did I learn? Too many things to list in a single post, but I believe I am obligated by law to share those lessons.

First up…

1.) If you are a photographer, your camera is not what matters.

It’s a common occurrence for me to end up on some photographer’s website, instagram page, Flickr account, or account and see something like “shoots with a Canon 5D Mark II”, or some other photographic device. I don’t know what happened, but this has begun to permeate the very fiber of the photography community. Having a nice camera helps the photographer overcome a unspoken “stigma” which helps you achieve the status of “successful”.

How exactly does the equipment you use make you a professional? If you ask me (you did not) about what my opinion is (nobody cares about, let’s not lie to ourselves) you cross the line into professionalism once your chosen art form becomes a “profession”. Success is less concrete because to discuss whether someone has achieved success requires first a dialogue to define what we mean by “success”.

There are many ways to define success:

  • Financial
  • Technical
  • Influence
  • Some as yet undefined angle that would be an accomplishment…
  • and let’s not forget the ever present combination any of the above.

Which are we trying to achieve? I don’t believe owning a nice camera makes you successful unless your goal to be successful involves collecting nice cameras. This is problematic for me, as I want to enjoy creating things, and yet there is also joy in ownership of the tools to make things. I will admit though, that often it is a battle to be involved in art for the right reasons.

I often have told my friends that Leonardo DaVinci probably never said anything to the affect of, “If only I owned a better paint brush, I could be taken more seriously as an artist.” This is a principle that holds true for all forms of art though.


New Video Project! Ovcin Dental Lab Promotional

Recently made this for a friend from church, Mike Vrbeta is one of the best in the North State at what he does. He was a sculptor before he started his job crafting dentures. Please visit his business website at Ovcin Dental Lab.

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The Descending Price of Film Making


It took much patience, determination, and eventually even borrowing money but this week I finally was able to get a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. I have officially had it now for 5 days and I must say that it is simultaneously the best and worst purchasing decision I’ve ever made. All of my practice and skills I’ve learned before this have been thrown out the window and I have discovered that I am not the master of camera operation I thought I was. If anything I have only be enlightened to how much I have to learn!

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Holy Crap! My Video Is Featured On The Home Page of RedShark News!!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 6.56.26 PMIn an honest first for me, one of my short films has been placed as the home page of one of the blogs I follow, RedShark News. Greatly surprised and appreciative. It was a film made to test the HolyManta VND filter.

The Single Biggest Secret To Succeeding In The Creative Industry


I’ve been working for years in film studios. It began as a surprise to me, I was just a cashier at Panera Bread when a friend asked me to help make a short commercial for them. They loved what I made so much that they said, “If you can do video editing like this with no experience or training, then we need to hire you and get you some experience! You would be indispensable!”

So just like that I was hired on the spot. My job in the bakery soon transitioned into a career in film where my whole life was turned on its ear. I moved from my cozy home in Orlando, FL where my family lived, to California with my wife to work at Little Light Studios.

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