Whats an out of work video guy to do? Write a blog, just like everyone else…

Its weird. One day you think life is great and that you have the best job in the world, the next you find yourself unemployed, facing a bankruptcy law suite, and looking into going to college to take classes in the stuff you are already self taught in. HA! Well everything I just said is in a fact a reality in my life right now, but I feel great. I have a home, an amazing wife, and a beautiful dog that only occasionally digs through the trash, leaving me a insufferable mess to clean up. So what does one do? Well I’m doing this. And I want to make something that appeals to my interests. Not so much the entertainment industry, or even just media production in general, though that is what I love talking about. I feel inclined occasionally to discuss the cultural significance behind such topics, IF I have the time and energy to process it.

I’m a media production addict. I am perpetually intrigued by the science behind what makes something good, be it a painting or a film, or a well thought out documentary. I also love the technological advancements that make such productions possible. I am a Sony NEX-FS100UK user myself when it comes to film, and 99% of my work is personal and for me and friends and family. After much thought I’d like to begin filming again though as I’ve been on hiatus for 6-7 months. Back in May 2013 I was laid off from my job and that kinda put my life in a tailspin. Now its time to grow from the experience and grab life by the horns. And so I shall!


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