Why I Won’t Be Getting A 4K HDTV, and I Think You Might Want To Read This Before You Buy One

I’m not against the advancement of technology. No sir! I am in favor of progress, totally in that camp. But what happens when advancement goes into the territory of useless? I’d say that it is justifiable to ignore advancement when it takes us in directions we have no need to go.

We live in a finite world my friends. We are finite beings on a finite planet. As such the human eye has a finite field of vision from any given distance. So when I saunter through Best Buy and the sales associate approaches me with his speech about the benefits of 4K, I make sure I’m educated and have a significant enough counter argument to combat his statements with my own perspective.

  1. You can’t see it. Sure it looks amazing, you may even discern more detail then your own HD cable signal at home, but the human eye has a limit. So in order for your eye to see that many pixels, you have to move closer to the screen. Remember what your mom always said about sitting too close to the TV though! In any case, I’ll use my handy dandy chart to help illustrate my point. Now in the average home I’ve lived in over the years, a couch sits about 2 to 3 meters from the television set. Within that range if you intend on getting a set thats about 40 inches or less, you’re best off with a 720p TV because your eyes couldn’t see anymore detail anyways. If you wanted to move up to a 1080p TV, you wouldn’t be able to discern any benefit until you got one that was at least 55 inches to 75 inches. 4K?! You shouldn’t even bother unless you intend to get one thats a minimum of 80 inches or more. Why buy pixels you won’t see?
  2. “Resolutions Does Not = Pixels”: A 1080p HD video signal is roughly 2.1 megapixels, did you know that? When you go up to 4K we’re talking 4 times the resolution of 1080p meaning 8 megapixels!!! But you know what? Thats not resolution. Resolution is much much more. In fact I don’t like that word too much because its misleading in the may people use it lately. Resolving power (also known as resolution) is determined based on contrast, sharpness, brightness AND pixels. This is why in a test that was done with consumers, the average person thought a 720p HD TV with better contrast was superior than a 1080p TV.
  3. Its expensive: Dear Lord is it ever! To get a TV that matches the qualifications of point #1 would be $16,999.00!!!!!! No one in their right might should ever get a mortgage on a TV, but that might happen someday! Sure you could get a cheapo 39″ model for $449, but as we’ve established thats TOTALLY POINTLESS CAUSE YOU CAN’T SEE IT!!!

If you have purchased a 4K TV, then in no way is this an insult to you. I am sure you bought it after researching your options like a good consumer should. But I won’t be doing that same. But in the end, be happy with what you choose, and I hope that perhaps this article helps someone make an intelligent decision about what they should spend their hard earned money on. And if you would like more info, I’m including a brilliant video detailing everything you need to know to be educated about what resolution is and how it factors into this debate. Until next time!


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