Hands Down One of the Stupidest Advertisements I’ve Ever Seen

Wait+WHAT+.+I+don+t+even+know_23988f_3996414So every day I read HUNDREDS of news articles. Why? Feedly, thats why. There are so many things happening in the world to be spoken about. I could be using this time to review electronics like the latest in camera gear or discuss my views on Final Cut Pro X. I could be trumping up the benefits of DSLR film making or posting pictures of my cat. But then this advertisement came across my table and I had no choice but to force any passerby to see it. Click past the break to read on…

Major Cable TV providers in the USA are losing subscribers left right and center. In place of this many American citizens are looking to alternatives that are less expensive and arguably better such as Hulu, Netflix, Roku boxes and many a TV is going unused as many turn to using iPad, iPhones and computer monitors to consume video media. Heck, even YouTube is a better option then Comcast! So what is a massive multi-billion dollar a year industry with terrible customer service ratings and lower customer satisfaction that airlines have? Make a terrible advertisement that nebulously connects to the subject matter of getting people to connect up cable internet and TV services, naturally!

In fact this campaign is so bad, that I still can’t stop laughing. Sorry National Cable and Telecommunications Association but this makes me want to cut the service I have. Ever since we’ve joined the only show I am unable to get on my own through either Netflix or Hulu or a tv stations own website is anything on HBO. Thats about it.

I understand their reasons for making a campaign. Profit margins are slim, and a tv executive’s gotta eat right? But seriously, this is what they come up with? They couldn’t have hired the guys that campaign for Old Spice? Ok. Fine.

Seriously, check it out. Its so dumb you’ll lose brain cells just by clicking on it, but this is the best argument they can come up with to not cut your service off. I gotta say, I’m already heavily leaning towards cutting my own, and this didn’t convince me not to.

And thus, without any further adieu, I present “The Hole Saga”. Please click here to see it.


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