“Sympathize” Button Coming To Facebook. I Would Like That.

FB-ThumbsUp_512Facebook is aglow with posts about funny cats and plates of food from all over the globe, but sometimes a topic comes up on Facebook that makes you frown. Say for example, Larry died. He was your acquaintance, not really a friend and you probably won’t be invited to the funeral but you want to offer your condolences. Do you hit the “Like” button? This might be good but it seems that you “Like” the fact that Larry is dead. You might risk being seen as a jerk.

Then there is the alternative, just leaving a comment. Lately its probably the wiser choice. But what if there was a way to click a “Sympathize” button? For many a year I’ve longed for a “Dislike” button, so I can tell the Pirates in Somalia I think their activity is ruthless and imprudent, but maybe this is the better option. The Telegraph  reports that such a button may be in Facebook’s prospects.

Now, when can we get a “This Is Garbage” button for my next FarmVille invitation?

(via The Telegraph)


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