Technicolor Color Assist Has Been Discontinued, And This Is Why You Shouldn’t Care


The High Overlord of all things color has stopped all production on future modifications to Technicolor Color Assist. A consumer level video color grading app, Color Assist was a decent idea that was made several years too late. I’ve heard mixed reports on it, and I had even worse results with the trial version (which sucked in its own special way.) Read on after the break…

I just wanted to the be the next to say, I’m glad its gone. Seems it had more glitches than it was worth anyways, but in a world where DaVinci Resolve Lite is FREE, and Creative Cloud comes with Speed Grade, it just doesn’t have a place in the world anymore. Even Final Cut Pro X seems to have its own color grading functions built in or at the very least there are plug-ins that work for it that are better than Color Assist ever was. Of course Technicolor didn’t know that any of this would happen when it started, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Red Giant Software’s Colorista II seems to be doing quite well for itself as well with a healthy following. Point is, with DaVinci Resolve Lite going for FREE, you have no reason to use or need for Technicolor’s offering.

Fortunately their Cinestyle preset for Canon EOS cameras seems to be sticking around, but even if it didn’t there are HUNDREDS of custom picture profiles for Canon cameras that exist. I have quite a large collection myself! In fact if anyone even reads my blog and wants a copy of my nice big collection, shout out at me and I’ll get a dropbox link going.

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