Everything is a Remix


The year was 1996 in a documentary called “Triumph of the Nerds” when Steve Jobs said “We at Apple are shameless about stealing great ideas.” The champions of the digital revolution had made their empire on the backs of the Xerox by copying the functionality of the mouse, and the advent of the graphical user interface. Many things about the invention of the Apple II and the Macintosh was about doing the same thing the competitor did, just differently. (Thus their slogan “Think Different”)
But then what happened? The evil dragons named “Microsoft Windows” reared it’s ugly head and the Great War began. Many a casualty was had, in fact Apple was almost destroyed when Steve Jobs was ousted. Then years later the second wave of theft from the sacred halls of Apple began, Android raised up and threatened Steve Jobs again literally to the point of him shouting that he would go “thermo-nuclear war” on Google for their crimes.
One second condoning stealing ideas, the next condemning it. Why do we humans do things like this? Well, all art is like that. Click past the break to see how everything is a remix.

Have you ever borrowed ideas from other works of art to make your own creations? Would “House M.D.” have been the same if Bryan Singer hadn’t based it on Sherlock Holmes? (House = Holmes. Get it?) Cause it seems all too often to me that when any story comes out the author mentions that another story gave them the idea. Would live to hear the thoughts of others on this idea.


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