What If You Could Build Your Own DSLR?!

The Equinox


This image acquisition sector changes almost as fast as the PC industry does. Day in, day out, guy like me who have fallen in love with the craft and art of photography and film making go out looking at what other artists are doing, what the latest great examples of art and film bring to the table, and the latest tools to pull off that ever elusive image we are trying to re-create. We have a dream and an image in our minds we want to achieve, and we keep hoping that just around the corner, maybe tomorrow for example, someone will release a piece of equipment that allows me to do everything with little other gear with me. Just so you know, that will never happen. There will never be a camera that is made for all situations and for all customers. The needs of a Instagram shooter are not even in the same universe as a DOP on the set of Star Wars VII. The similarities almost stop at the point where both shooters camera have a sensor, and literally thats about it! The size of the sensor and the components built around it are so vastly varied in the spectrum of camera equipment that exists that you could never achieve a all-around camera.

So don’t bother looking for such a unicorn, you will never find one. But that didn’t stop designers Dae Jin Ahn and Chun Hyun Park from designing the next best thing (sort of). Their combined forces have conceptualized the Equinox camera. Imagine if you could take the image sensor and swap it between body configurations. Want a point and shoot? No problem. Want a full featured manual control camera? Check. Want just a bare bones sensor on a tripod tethered to a computer? Check and double check. Want a film camera? Maybe they can work on a body for that in the future. The conceptual images show the words “E-Mount” written on the bezel of the lens mount, so its safe to say that Sony NEX lenses are in and therefore possibly a APS-C sensor along with it. Its sleek, its beautiful, and if they make it these guys are gonna be millionaires over night! But what sort of problems could arise from this? I just got thru saying there is no camera that does it all.

The answer is I’m still right, even with this there still isn’t. No matter how much I want one of these setups, its probably never going to be thought of as the “do anything, go anywhere camera”. I just couldn’t see myself in a practical setting carrying around a bag of pieces with me into the wilderness to do wildlife photography. So right there it can’t be the camera for everything. Granted someones gonna say, “but don’t photographers typically carry bags of lenses and camera bodies and flashes into the woods to photograph animals and landscapes?” Yes this is true. I do it myself. But I highly doubt a high-end photographer would give up a Canon 5D Mark III or their favor Nikon or Fuji for a concept like this. (Don’t get me wrong I want one and you should too! Just not as an everything camera, but I’m getting there.) Photographers on the higher end need less pieces and less headache, even if it means their camera is specialized for a certain type of photography in my opinion.

Where this camera will really shine is in the consumer market. Hipsters may really get into this, especially if they capitalize on the customizability of camera bodies. Sell it with a cheap lens and Android built in and this would be awesome. I would certainly like it if they had different sensors for different tasks. I don’t know where that would go, that’s up the marketing team to decide. But much like theSocialmatic, there is always room for more. Only problem is that as the room gets filled with more and more gear it starts to become obvious what that only a select few seem to really rise to the top of the pack. Those that don’t are left behind, and sometimes things are left behind you don’t really want to have left behind. I’m really hoping this isn’t one of those types of gadgets! We need more modular designs than just the RED.

(Source: Yanko Design)


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