The Single Biggest Secret To Succeeding In The Creative Industry


I’ve been working for years in film studios. It began as a surprise to me, I was just a cashier at Panera Bread when a friend asked me to help make a short commercial for them. They loved what I made so much that they said, “If you can do video editing like this with no experience or training, then we need to hire you and get you some experience! You would be indispensable!”

So just like that I was hired on the spot. My job in the bakery soon transitioned into a career in film where my whole life was turned on its ear. I moved from my cozy home in Orlando, FL where my family lived, to California with my wife to work at Little Light Studios.

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Whats an out of work video guy to do? Write a blog, just like everyone else…

Its weird. One day you think life is great and that you have the best job in the world, the next you find yourself unemployed, facing a bankruptcy law suite, and looking into going to college to take classes in the stuff you are already self taught in. HA! Well everything I just said is in a fact a reality in my life right now, but I feel great. Continue reading