New Video Project! Ovcin Dental Lab Promotional

Recently made this for a friend from church, Mike Vrbeta is one of the best in the North State at what he does. He was a sculptor before he started his job crafting dentures. Please visit his business website at Ovcin Dental Lab.


Holy Crap! My Video Is Featured On The Home Page of RedShark News!!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 6.56.26 PMIn an honest first for me, one of my short films has been placed as the home page of one of the blogs I follow, RedShark News. Greatly surprised and appreciative. It was a film made to test the HolyManta VND filter.

The Single Biggest Secret To Succeeding In The Creative Industry


I’ve been working for years in film studios. It began as a surprise to me, I was just a cashier at Panera Bread when a friend asked me to help make a short commercial for them. They loved what I made so much that they said, “If you can do video editing like this with no experience or training, then we need to hire you and get you some experience! You would be indispensable!”

So just like that I was hired on the spot. My job in the bakery soon transitioned into a career in film where my whole life was turned on its ear. I moved from my cozy home in Orlando, FL where my family lived, to California with my wife to work at Little Light Studios.

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Behind the Scenes Featurette: “Into The Mind”

Sports films have seen a renaissance in cinematography, from the AMAZING “The Art of Flight” by Brain Farm, to the series of shorts on Vimeo “A Skier’s Journey”. These athletes show and amazing skill in not only being awesome in their fields of snowboarding or skiing, but in creative camera work and expression of emotion through film. So imagine my delight when a behind the scenes featurette of the award winning skiing film “Into The Mind” is posted online for free. It has an ethereal quality to it, and I always love it when film makers share their secrets about how they do their craft. But this film is special in that they have worked a lot of symbolism and subtext into their finished film, which they all too kindly explain in detail here for us.


Please check it out for yourself and show your support for these amazingly skilled film makers by check it out on iTunes or by purchasing their film on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Everything is a Remix


The year was 1996 in a documentary called “Triumph of the Nerds” when Steve Jobs said “We at Apple are shameless about stealing great ideas.” The champions of the digital revolution had made their empire on the backs of the Xerox by copying the functionality of the mouse, and the advent of the graphical user interface. Many things about the invention of the Apple II and the Macintosh was about doing the same thing the competitor did, just differently. (Thus their slogan “Think Different”)
But then what happened? The evil dragons named “Microsoft Windows” reared it’s ugly head and the Great War began. Many a casualty was had, in fact Apple was almost destroyed when Steve Jobs was ousted. Then years later the second wave of theft from the sacred halls of Apple began, Android raised up and threatened Steve Jobs again literally to the point of him shouting that he would go “thermo-nuclear war” on Google for their crimes.
One second condoning stealing ideas, the next condemning it. Why do we humans do things like this? Well, all art is like that. Click past the break to see how everything is a remix.

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Why I Won’t Be Getting A 4K HDTV, and I Think You Might Want To Read This Before You Buy One

I’m not against the advancement of technology. No sir! I am in favor of progress, totally in that camp. But what happens when advancement goes into the territory of useless? I’d say that it is justifiable to ignore advancement when it takes us in directions we have no need to go.

We live in a finite world my friends. We are finite beings on a finite planet. As such the human eye has a finite field of vision from any given distance. So when I saunter through Best Buy and the sales associate approaches me with his speech about the benefits of 4K, I make sure I’m educated and have a significant enough counter argument to combat his statements with my own perspective. Continue reading

Why Do We Treat Electronics As Disposable Items?!

It doesn’t seem so long ago I was the proud owner of a Nikon D5100. I worked at a very small documentary film studio as a video editor, and wanted an entry-level camera for personal photography, as well as for the occasional video. Takes pictures? CHECK. Takes videos? CHECK. But it was the things it lacked that began to grate on my nerves. All too soon I realized I was locked into a pre-set auto white balance system. The flip out screen was nice, but a bit low resolution. So whats a guy to do? I had out grown the thing in like a month! Well I begged my poor wife (Lord bless her soul) to let me upgrade again. Continue reading