Holy Crap! My Video Is Featured On The Home Page of RedShark News!!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 6.56.26 PMIn an honest first for me, one of my short films has been placed as the home page of one of the blogs I follow, RedShark News. Greatly surprised and appreciative. It was a film made to test the HolyManta VND filter.


Apologies for the 5th change to our WordPress Template

Sorry, just wasn’t sure which template made us happiest, but we feel we’ve settled on this one. This time should be settled upon, at least until 6 months from now when we plan to expand and become a much larger site with more to offer.

“Sympathize” Button Coming To Facebook. I Would Like That.

FB-ThumbsUp_512Facebook is aglow with posts about funny cats and plates of food from all over the globe, but sometimes a topic comes up on Facebook that makes you frown. Say for example, Larry died. He was your acquaintance, not really a friend and you probably won’t be invited to the funeral but you want to offer your condolences. Do you hit the “Like” button? This might be good but it seems that you “Like” the fact that Larry is dead. You might risk being seen as a jerk. Continue reading

Hands Down One of the Stupidest Advertisements I’ve Ever Seen

Wait+WHAT+.+I+don+t+even+know_23988f_3996414So every day I read HUNDREDS of news articles. Why? Feedly, thats why. There are so many things happening in the world to be spoken about. I could be using this time to review electronics like the latest in camera gear or discuss my views on Final Cut Pro X. I could be trumping up the benefits of DSLR film making or posting pictures of my cat. But then this advertisement came across my table and I had no choice but to force any passerby to see it. Click past the break to read on… Continue reading

Whats an out of work video guy to do? Write a blog, just like everyone else…

Its weird. One day you think life is great and that you have the best job in the world, the next you find yourself unemployed, facing a bankruptcy law suite, and looking into going to college to take classes in the stuff you are already self taught in. HA! Well everything I just said is in a fact a reality in my life right now, but I feel great. Continue reading