New Video Project! Ovcin Dental Lab Promotional

Recently made this for a friend from church, Mike Vrbeta is one of the best in the North State at what he does. He was a sculptor before he started his job crafting dentures. Please visit his business website at Ovcin Dental Lab.


Behind the Scenes Featurette: “Into The Mind”

Sports films have seen a renaissance in cinematography, from the AMAZING “The Art of Flight” by Brain Farm, to the series of shorts on Vimeo “A Skier’s Journey”. These athletes show and amazing skill in not only being awesome in their fields of snowboarding or skiing, but in creative camera work and expression of emotion through film. So imagine my delight when a behind the scenes featurette of the award winning skiing film “Into The Mind” is posted online for free. It has an ethereal quality to it, and I always love it when film makers share their secrets about how they do their craft. But this film is special in that they have worked a lot of symbolism and subtext into their finished film, which they all too kindly explain in detail here for us.


Please check it out for yourself and show your support for these amazingly skilled film makers by check it out on iTunes or by purchasing their film on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Short Film of the Week: “Meet Me in Big Sur”

Once a week I want to post what I am watching and share with the world. If you have anything you would like to submit that I should post, please share it with me through email at or by shooting me a note on that thar’ Twitter where I can be reached at @shootingsharp.

[vimeo Meet Me in Big Sur]

Check Out This Amazing Short Film!

Colin Rich Presents: The Trilogy of Light

Millions of videos are made everyday. Some are ok, others are down right awful. But every now and then something special catches my eye and I just HAVE to share it. You have to admire a man that would put this much time and effort into his work. (the man that made this video, not me) So without further delay, kick back, relax, and observe as Colin Rich takes you on a journey to discover the magic of light. Please check out his Vimeo channel for more.

And so, here are the 3 chapters of the trilogy presented in the proper order (I think).

[vimeo] [vimeo] [vimeo]

Why Do We Treat Electronics As Disposable Items?!

It doesn’t seem so long ago I was the proud owner of a Nikon D5100. I worked at a very small documentary film studio as a video editor, and wanted an entry-level camera for personal photography, as well as for the occasional video. Takes pictures? CHECK. Takes videos? CHECK. But it was the things it lacked that began to grate on my nerves. All too soon I realized I was locked into a pre-set auto white balance system. The flip out screen was nice, but a bit low resolution. So whats a guy to do? I had out grown the thing in like a month! Well I begged my poor wife (Lord bless her soul) to let me upgrade again. Continue reading

“A Day At Fort Bragg” a short film shot on a Canon 6D

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