New Video Project! Ovcin Dental Lab Promotional

Recently made this for a friend from church, Mike Vrbeta is one of the best in the North State at what he does. He was a sculptor before he started his job crafting dentures. Please visit his business website at Ovcin Dental Lab.


Holy Crap! My Video Is Featured On The Home Page of RedShark News!!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 6.56.26 PMIn an honest first for me, one of my short films has been placed as the home page of one of the blogs I follow, RedShark News. Greatly surprised and appreciative. It was a film made to test the HolyManta VND filter.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! My gift to you is these 5 videos!

I have five amazing videos lovingly curated and offered for you to enjoy! Happy Holidays! Click past the break to get my present from me to you.  Continue reading

Behind the Scenes Featurette: “Into The Mind”

Sports films have seen a renaissance in cinematography, from the AMAZING “The Art of Flight” by Brain Farm, to the series of shorts on Vimeo “A Skier’s Journey”. These athletes show and amazing skill in not only being awesome in their fields of snowboarding or skiing, but in creative camera work and expression of emotion through film. So imagine my delight when a behind the scenes featurette of the award winning skiing film “Into The Mind” is posted online for free. It has an ethereal quality to it, and I always love it when film makers share their secrets about how they do their craft. But this film is special in that they have worked a lot of symbolism and subtext into their finished film, which they all too kindly explain in detail here for us.


Please check it out for yourself and show your support for these amazingly skilled film makers by check it out on iTunes or by purchasing their film on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Short Film of the Week: “Meet Me in Big Sur”

Once a week I want to post what I am watching and share with the world. If you have anything you would like to submit that I should post, please share it with me through email at or by shooting me a note on that thar’ Twitter where I can be reached at @shootingsharp.

[vimeo Meet Me in Big Sur]

Indie Film Makers Need Good Music Too…

[vimeo Meet The Music Bed]

My early work was kind of a joke in that I was told to steal music to make some of that film. At the time, I didn’t know any better. I sheepishly just did as I was told and went with the flow, but now I feel such guilt over that. In the end I went back and replaced all my copyrighted music with music that was legal. It took lots of hard work and I basically had to recut all my edits to make it fit and I honestly feel like I did the right thing.

No one likes their stuff stolen. But you can steal in more than one way. You can steal someones reputation, their lively-hood, or if you’re a time vampire you can waste and therefore steal someones time. As a film maker its also not cool when someone steals your work and throws it on youtube without your permission and claims its there’s or does some other tomfoolery. So I can totally appreciate musicians standing up for their rights to defend their work. Continue reading

Check Out This Amazing Short Film!