New Video Project! Ovcin Dental Lab Promotional

Recently made this for a friend from church, Mike Vrbeta is one of the best in the North State at what he does. He was a sculptor before he started his job crafting dentures. Please visit his business website at Ovcin Dental Lab.


Youtube Has Changed Us

Media is changing. As time marches forward, and technological advances continue, we see new ways to connect with ideas, people, and even places. It seems apparent that without the internet this would not be possible, as it allows a channel for information to enter your house that is not put together by an editor, or a producer. Continue reading

Hands Down One of the Stupidest Advertisements I’ve Ever Seen

Wait+WHAT+.+I+don+t+even+know_23988f_3996414So every day I read HUNDREDS of news articles. Why? Feedly, thats why. There are so many things happening in the world to be spoken about. I could be using this time to review electronics like the latest in camera gear or discuss my views on Final Cut Pro X. I could be trumping up the benefits of DSLR film making or posting pictures of my cat. But then this advertisement came across my table and I had no choice but to force any passerby to see it. Click past the break to read on… Continue reading

Three Things I’ll Miss When Theaters Are Gone

hulu-netflix-plusI love videos, and if you do too then there has never been a better time to enjoy them. Its not cheap to make good films, and yet so many good ones can be had now at never before imagined availability! YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Hulu and friends have made it abundantly clear that the landscape has become stale and must change. In fact an interesting article out on the topic now. Everyone seems to have a voice to add into the mix on this topic. Continue reading